November Cash Flow Report

Monthly Passive Income Report November 2015beer fund

Starting with this month (MY FIRST) I will post my monthly passive income report. Not going to lie it feels a little personal and embarrassing but I think it will help motivate me to keep growing.


What’s Not Included

In these reports I will include only passive income. Meaning, no income from my full time day job. Although I make decent money from this, I’m still trading hours for dollars and that’s what I’m working to get away from! I want PASSIVE, earn in your sleep income!

I’ll also not be including:

  • 401K
  • IRA”S
  • Roth IRA’s
  • Pension

Basically any accounts I would get Tax Penalties on if I where to use them early won’t be included.


What’s Included

In this report I will include income items that are passive and easily available to use if needed. Website income, interest income, dividend income (from non-tax penalty accounts), cash back from credit cards and whatever else blows my way!


Passive Income November 2015


Currently I run a couple websites and I’m also in the process of purchasing my first website! If you want to learn how to start a blog, check out my how to start a blog post. At this point only one site is monetized, which I report on below. As I buy and monetize more sites I will add them in also.

Site 1

website cash flow


Definitely not my best month by far but pretty sure this has to do with the time of year. This is a site in the education niche so my slow months are November, December. Either way, I hope this picks up next month as it can help pay for the cost of my first site purchase.



The interest I earned this month totaled $25.98 most of which came from my Capital One 360 high yield savings account. This is by far the easiest passive cash flow I earn. If your looking to save some money to invest, start with a high yield savings account.



My non-retirement dividends for the month of November came to a whopping $0.00. Most of my dividends a paid in quarterly amounts, so I should have some next month!


Credit Card Cash Back

Most of you have credit cards which you spend lots of money on. If you’re anything like me I use my credit cards for almost all purchases each month then pay the bill off in full. This way I take advantage of the rewards with out paying any interest or penalties. The cash back rewards card I use is the Fidelity Investment Rewards, American Express.

My cash back reward for November was $54.44.


Total Passive Cash Flow

So after crunching the numbers, my total passive cash flow in November comes to $95.57. Not to inspiring but there’s always next month! Thanks for reading and if you have time leave me a comment and let me know what you think, or better yet, if you have any good ideas for passive cash flow I should check out!