About Me

Hello and welcome to my little space on the net. Who am I?

I never know how to answer this question… My name is Logan and I’m a alcohol… I kid, I kid. I’m a regular guy writing about my interest, in hopes that it will help others. As my site title alludes, I love seeing passive cash flow deposited into my bank account. Why? Because it represents freedom, the freedom to work for yourself, the freedom to answer to no one (except your wife in my case) and the overall satisfaction of building something that can provide for your family. Besides its fun, in a nerdy cool way. Or just nerdy whatever!

What’s this site about?

My journey of building positive cash flow. Umm, yeah, that’s pretty much it.

Just think of this site as my personal finance diary that isn’t very personal.

Some Topics I’ll Cover

  • Personal Finances
    • How to save money (need money to make it sorry)
    • How to budget
    • Tools that help you manage funds
  • Investing
    • Stocks, Bonds, ETF’s
    • Value Averaging Strategy
    • Dividends
    • Buying profitable websites

Just Remember

I’m not a pro or guru, just a person with an interest. I’m sure I’ll have some epic fails but lets hope I crush it a couple times too!

Here’s what I hope to do with this site:

  1. Teach others and myself how to build up passive cash flow.
  2. To hold myself accountable to learning and creating value.
  3. To build a business that will sustain my family and let me help others.

If you have questions just shoot me an email or comment!